7-hour uphill hike ahead, so what's for breakfast?

The Indian Garden Campground on the Bright Angel trail at the Grand Canyon is a dream site for every camper-azzi out there. Sitting amidst the desert landscape, this beautiful 10-camp site is 4.8 miles below the South Rim and far away from everything - from civilization, from cellular network, from day hikers and from anything else that could distract you from a peaceful night under the stars.

Indian Garden camp site


My girlfriend (now wife) would turn 30 in a month and this had to be checked off the bucket-list. Campsite booked, necessities packed, backpack mounted... it was go time!


Camping Tip: It is notoriously difficult to book a campsite at Indian Garden Campground. So, 5 of us sent in an application each (4 months in advance), law of averages worked its magic, and exactly one of us got the permit for 5!


Grand Canyon is a strange hike - you hike downhill first (the easy part), camp in the valley (if you manage to secure a permit) and hike back uphill later. Day 1 was fun - taking insta-worthy photos, stepping off the trail for the mule train to pass through and watching the beautiful sunset. We got to the camp site before sunset, setup the camp and fell asleep listening to the music of silence.

We woke up at 6 am, basked in the morning sun and dreaded the uphill battle (literally!) ahead of us. It was time to calorie-up ourselves. So, what's for breakfast you ask? Masala Poha 😋



How you ask? That's a story for another day. Oh wait, I did write that story already, it's the Origins of The Cumin Club!

A delicious and nutritious meal served with a side of convenience. As we sat down to enjoy the poha, it brought back memories of my childhood - of all the poha I ate before the soccer games played in the 'pleasant' south Indian weather of 40-degrees (Celsius!).

There's something about Indian cuisine that goes beyond modern-day science. Maybe our ancestors did not understand fiber vs. fat vs. protein but they sure knew how to eat healthy. And more importantly, what to eat for every occasion. The nuances, the process and the ingredients - there is a lot to admire and so much to learn from.

Case in hand - Poha - the fiber rich breakfast dish that is to date common-place in Mumbai and just about every corner of India. A PBJ (Peanut Butter Jelly sandwich) could get me through a few hours but I would have most certainly come down with a sugar-crash half way through my 1800 ft uphill hike.

Glad we made the right choice for breakfast and made it back up the rim with enough energy to spare for... Instagram!


At The Cumin Club, we think Poha is better than PBJ and Pongal is better than Pot Pie. We strive to make authentic Indian food accessible to everyone around the world, with our meal kits.


P.S: Think you could use a meal kit in your week or on your next weekend trip? Start your hike here and camp with us in the comfort of authentic Indian food.

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