The Cumin Club launches Indian food meal plans across the US


Chicago - June 3, 2019 - The Cumin Club ( launched its business across the US today, offering meal plans inspired by authentic regional cuisines of India. With plans starting at $5 per meal, the startup delivers pre-cooked meals that take under 5 minutes to prepare, using appliances that are commonly available in all households. All the meals are protein-rich vegetarian dishes, curated by expert home chefs across multiple Indian cities. The launch announcement comes at a time when the startup hit a milestone of 1,000 meals served, concluding a successful beta phase.

It is hard to find vegetarian recipes that are protein-rich and nutritious, let alone source all the ingredients and prepare the meal from scratch at home. The struggle is further accentuated by the lack of protein-rich vegetarian dishes at most restaurants, where the vegetarian options are limited to a sandwich with tomato and cheese, a salad bowl, or a potato-patty burger and fries. If you were to turn to  established meal plan offerings, vegetarian options are few and far between.

The Cumin Club addresses this gap with an assortment of  40+ vegetarian dishes from 6 different regional cuisines of India. Main ingredients include lentils, millets, vegetables, wheat and rice. Blended with an array of Indian spices, these healthy ingredients come to life in the form of popular Indian dishes such as poha, pongal, kichdi, pav bhaji, bisibelabath and dal makhni. Customers can fully customize their meal plan by picking a cuisine and adding their favorite dishes to the plan.

Started by an Indian immigrant, while studying at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, the startup aims to bring the convenience of meal plans to busy Indian-American households and vegetarians across the US.

The startup believes that busy lifestyle and healthy food habits can co-exist in this new model of ‘hasty, yet healthy’ meals. The Cumin Club differentiates itself from frozen food brands by going direct-to-consumer, shortening the time it takes for the food to reach consumers’ shelves from few months to few days. This model makes the need for preservatives (natural or artificial) obsolete, providing an easy and healthy solution to weekday meals.

Now to the inevitable question of ‘how spicy is the food going to be’. The startup claims that all their meals are moderately spiced and spice level customization options will be available in the near future.

Fun fact - all the dishes have cumin, the ubiquitous spice across Indian cuisines, that was the inspiration behind the name 'The Cumin Club'.

Setting up a meal plan is simple. Visit the website and follow three simple steps - pick a cuisine, add your favorite dishes, and set a delivery frequency.

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