About us

We aim to provide quality Indian food to consumers around the world. All our meals are 'healthy, yet convenient' giving everyone a chance to lead a healthy lifestyle, starting with healthy food habits.

TheCuminClub.com offers curated meal plans drawn from authentic regional Indian cuisines, with meals pre-cooked by local chefs in India and delivered to customers’ doorsteps in the US from $5 per meal.

The chefs on our platform are experts at dry-and-fly category, having mastered the art and science behind preserving food for longer duration without using preservatives. More on the techniques here.

Also, all our chefs' kitchens are FSSAI (Food Safety Standards Authority of India) licensed, meeting the stipulated standards on hygiene and cleanliness. The Cumin Club has processes in place to verify the certification during the onboarding of new chefs.

Interested in learning how The Cumin Club started? It has to do with an Indian student longing for home-cooked food, who found a way to solve the problem for himself and eventually for rest of the world. Read more here.